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How It Started

About Dunn’s



Dunn's Famous

Dunn's Famous was the premier deli that greatly contributed to make smoked meat an icon of Montreal culture. The successful restaurant concept and deli was founded by Myer Dunn in the city of Montreal in 1927. Dunn's Famous stood as Canada's largest delicatessen in downtown Montreal throughout many decades while the city was Canada's largest and busiest.

Great People

Wonderful food!

The restaurant was a narrow two-story operation on downtown Ste. Catherine Street West and was filled with wonderful food and lots of laughter. The front window and entrance showcased the unique foods that drew the crowds including cheese cake and bagels, large jars of red peppers and pickles, and of course smoked meat. Bright and easily accessible, in the heart of the city that believes sleep is for the other provinces, it became a landmark destination for the best food and the friendliest service.


The Beginning


Myer's daughter Ina, who worked with her father for over 25 years as the store manager in Montreal, and her and husband, Stanley Devine, expanded the Dunn's concept into Ottawa in 1990 with rights for growth across North America. Today the concept thrives in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. There are eight locations in Ottawa: Elgin Street, the Market and Bank Street South, Merivale Road, Rockland and Hawkesbury, Shefford Road and a new location at Orleans.



Dunn's Express

Dunn's is one of the best restaurants in Quebec and Ontario, serving up a varied menu of delicious eats, made from scratch with love. Real food, for Real people. At Dunn's we prepare our Montreal-style Smoked Meat the old fashioned way using a proprietary blend of spices. We marinate each brisket for six days to lock in the flavor...