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Internet and online marketing is the future of digital advertising. As more information about businesses is found online through search results, it is now more important then ever to have an online presence and to make sure your website stands out when being searched. Proper web design is the first step moving in the right direction. As search engines become smarter and more complex, the structure of the website, navigation, headings and usage of digital art is essential. Everything must integrate together to assure highest chances of being closest to the first page on search results.


The Dunn’s Express website is a great example of how you can benefit from being able to reach potential customers on a larger scale. It is important to consider SEO when getting your new website created as there are key factors that can influence search results. The intent of the Dunn’s Express web design was to convey the look and feel of the famous restaurant and give visitors the feeling as if they were actually visiting the physical location of Dunn’s Express. Furthermore, to provide information about franchising opportunities in the most natural way possible, where prospects will become interested by the delicious food that is being displayed throughout the website.


If you’re looking to get your website professionally designed while keeping SEO in mind – check out the web design experts over at CompTech.