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Dunn's Franchising

Do you want to become a Dunn's Express franchisee? We are currently franchising in Canada, the USA and internationally.

Dunn’s Franchising:

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Why should I open a Dunn's Restaurant?

At Dunn’s we have perfected our own proprietary world famous smoked meat with a solid complementary ancillary menu popular with people of all ages. We have limited to no competition when it comes to offering premium Old Fashion Smoked Meat.


At Dunn’s you’re not buying a job your investing in a business. We offer several revenue streams with the opportunity for 24 hour operations resulting in a quicker return on investment.


At Dunn’s we focus on our customer’s comfort and offer an Urban Vintage décor that promotes a table d’hote dining experience enjoyed in a warm atmosphere.


Need a quick lunch or running off to the game. From order to table Dunn’s has perfected the “Dine and Dash” experience for people on the go.


At Dunn’s we can boast 88 years and counting as the go to place for an Urban Deli experience and can offer several retail concepts. We are well suited for locations situated in dense commercial sectors, urban streets, strip malls, power centers and shopping centers with outdoor access.


At Dunn’s our food quality is the real secret for our nine decades of success. In order to achieve the Dunn’s standard in restaurant services there can be no compromise. We have implemented tried, tested and proven kitchen systems, restaurant operations and ongoing product development.


At Dunn’s our ability to create adaptable marketing and advertising plans is one of our greatest assets in conveying to the customer what Dunn’s is all about and another important strength to our longevity in the restaurant industry.


At Dunn’s we offer a comprehensive training program, direct corporate communication and the stability of a well-established brand and company.

What if I have no previous entrepreneurial experience?

Dunn’s offers a turn-key solution from the moment you sign on as a franchisee.

We will assist you in:

  • Location search
  • Preparing a marketing and business plan
  • Verification of specific lease clauses
  • Designing your store
  • Ordering equipment and furnishings
  • Training you and your staff
  • Store opening support
How much will it cost to build-out my store?

Dunn’s express: The total investment for an 800 to 1500 square foot space can vary from $150,000 to $300,000 including the franchise fee.

Dunn’s Famous full Service: The total investment for an 1500 to 2500 square foot space can vary from $320,000 to $450,000.

What is the recommended location size?

A sit down restaurant concept with 50 to 100 seats can range from 1500 to 2500 square feet.

An express service concept, with or without take out deli counter, can be built starting at 800 to 1500 square feet depending on seating requirements.

How much is the franchise fee?

The Dunn’s franchise fee

Dunn’s Famous – $50,000

Dunn’s Express – $40, 000


Training Fee from $15,000 to $20,000.

An intensive Four Week Training Program is compulsory prior to your Franchise opening at our headquarter Corporate Restaurant in Ottawa.

We spend a minimum of one to two weeks with you at your store from your Franchise opening date and we will stay on longer should additional training be deemed necessary by our corporate training team.

The cost of airfare and accommodations while in Ottawa is at your own expense. Miscellaneous expenses during that time period are also the responsibility of the franchisee.


The Franchise Agreement will have a term of ten years, with an available ten-year renewal option.


A monthly royalty fee of 5% on revenue.


At present, we do not collect advertising fees.
Each location has to do promotion and advertising to local community


There are several factors that will contribute to your level of success. The following two are equally important. The location you have chosen to open in and your ability to operate your store.

In accordance with franchise laws, we are unable to provide specific information pertaining to profit or ROI.

Dunn’s will, however, be able to provide you with information on projected expenses and costs that will assist you in developing your own projections for revenue and potential earnings.


Dunn’s will assist you with the financing application to a commercial lender or bank. The franchisee is ultimately responsible for providing the required funding to develop the Dunn’s franchise.


We are converting existing restaurants into a Dunn’s; the construction time is shortened considerably to say 4-6 weeks.


We are currently franchising in Canada, the USA and internationally.


All equipment and supplies are purchased from the franchisor’s trusted and approved vendors.

  • Complete our Franchise Inquiry Form and return to our Head Office.
  • Have a Discovery Meeting at our Head Office.
  • Leave with a signed Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & Franchise Agreement to review.
  • If you choose to move forward, complete a Formal Franchise Application and submit for review.
  • Receive applicant approval.
  • Receive finalized Franchise Agreement.
  • Sign Franchise Agreement with payment of requisite franchise fees.
  • Commence activity to develop your Dunn’s franchise location; often, we have already identified for you.
  • You can chose to take over an existing corporate store.

Dunn’s Famous was the premier deli that greatly contributed to make smoked meat an icon of Montreal culture. The successful restaurant concept and deli was founded by Myer Dunn in the city of Montreal in 1927. Dunn’s Famous stood as Canada’s largest delicatessen in downtown Montreal throughout many decades while the city was Canada’s largest and busiest. The restaurant was a narrow two-story operation on downtown Ste. Catherine Street West and was filled with wonderful food and lots of laughter. The front window and entrance showcased the unique foods that drew the crowds including cheese cake and bagels, large jars of red peppers and pickles, and of course smoked meat. Bright and easily accessible, in the heart of the city that believes sleep is for the other provinces, it became a landmark destination for the best food and the friendliest service. Myer’s daughter Ina, who worked with her father for over 25 years as the store manager in Montreal, and her and husband, Stanley Devine, expanded the Dunn’s concept into Ottawa in 1990 with rights for growth across North America. Today the concept thrives in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. There are eight locations in Ottawa: Elgin Street, the Market and Bank Street South, Merivale Road, Rockland and Hawkesbury, Shefford Road and a new location at Orleans.

The Express model was successfully operated at Hawkesbury and we intend to open 5 locations in Greater Ottawa and 50 locations (mostly Express model) for GTA. We are basically converting existing restaurants to Dunn’s décor and service. That way, a Dunn’s can be operational within 30 days, the cost saving is passed down to  Investor / franchisee.

The Dunn’s license fee is limited to 5 percentages of sales.  The franchise agreement matches the term of the real estate lease- minimum of 10 years.

Only prime location is secured, convenient to customers.

New format and decor package are well received in the community.

The menu program is broad based and appeals to families. It is valued priced with healthy options and can be custom tailored to the market.  The business may implement delivery service to the local business community.

The demand for Dunn’s is overwhelming with its quality products, generous portions, reliable service and reasonable price points.

The marketing plan is important and the key to drive the top line. The plan will leverage the reputation of Dunn’s Famous and the prime location.

  • Reputation and proven concept;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Prime location;
  • Management experience;
  • Quality leasehold improvements and equipment (renovated);
  • Comfortable decor and atmosphere;
  • Value added pricing and generous portions;
  • Support from the franchisor.

The management team of GTA Master Franchisee comprise of:


President: Gray Johnson a successful and proven hospitality professional. Gray had opened the highly successful Market Dunn’s in 2007 and divested his shareholder interest in 2011.


Account Administrator: Tim Chang, CPA, CMA who has over 30 years of public Accounting Experience, successful entrepreneur and owns Leach Bradbury CPAs ( Ottawa & Pembroke)  and Accountable Solutions CPA ( Newmarket).

The keys to success in achieving the mission and goals are:

  • Name and brand recognition of Dunn’s Famous;
  • Reputation and experience;
  • Quality Products, generous portions and SERVICE;
  • Competitively priced;
  • Careful attention to detail;
  • Cost control and adherence to the Dunn’s business operation systems;
  • Development and execution of a proven Marketing Plan;
  • Prime location with reasonable cost structure;
  • Proven management.

The franchisor/ Master franchisee will enter into a long term real estate lease for the premises. The initial term of the real estate lease will be for at least 10 years option to renew.

The financial projections were developed by an industry professional together with the input and experience of management.

Each location will be on turnkey basis:

  1. Selection of location,
  2. Lease signing and assignable to franchisee
  3. Provide business plan and financial projection to the banks for small business loan
  4. complete development of Dunn’s restaurant
  5. training of franchisee and his employees
  6. monitoring of operation until franchisee has acquired the knowledge and expertise to manage a Dunn’s Restaurant

The total shareholder contribution ranges from 33% to 40% of the total investment of a Dunn’s Restaurant.

We have preferred bank that support the growth of this Dunn’s brand.

We also offered preferred Accountants to ensure your small business loan  comply with the loan requirements.